Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Crazy Customs Blog Hop and Book Release

by Debra Brown

To our modern way of thinking, people of the past had some crazy customs. Packing a lunch to attend and observe a hanging comes to mind. Or is that any different than a box of popcorn in the theater seats to see the blood in glorious color and the bodies larger than life?

We believe in doing things our way, as people did back Then. It comes with practice. I was always bewildered by the fact that ladies wore their dresses dragging in the mud. Surely all would have understood if just a bit of ankle showed to keep the expensive fabrics from becoming dirty and ragged? It was unfathomable to me until I attended a Renaissance Faire in Elizabethan dress (to the top of my foot, thank you) and watched the more resolute women dragging their trains in the dust. As I was required by contract to stay for the weekend, I readjusted my thinking and learned to accept it as if it were normal. I may go upper class for the next event and drag some acres of fabric.

Time traveling is great fun. One of the English Historical Fiction Authors mentioned the convenience of relieving oneself while attending a Regency banquet--since there were no private rooms for the purpose as we have now, a lord or lady might (well, would, actually) simply step behind a screen and use a chamber pot. Isn't that classy?

For those of you who prefer entering the past from the comfort of your sofa (just down the hall from your water-saving toilet), we proudly present Castles, Customs, and Kings: True Tales by English Historical Fiction Authors, Volume II, edited by myself and Sue Millard. Several of our contributing authors and friends have posted on various interesting customs. Following the book information are links to their blogs. We hope you enjoy reading about these customs in celebration of our new release.

An anthology of essays from the second year of the English Historical Fiction Authors blog, this book transports the reader across the centuries from prehistoric to twentieth century Britain. Nearly fifty different authors share the stories, incidents, and insights discovered while doing research for their own historical novels.

From medieval law and literature to Tudor queens and courtiers, from Stuart royals and rebels to Regency soldiers and social calls, experience the panorama of Britain’s yesteryear. Explore the history behind the fiction, and discover the true tales surrounding Britain’s castles, customs, and kings.

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