Thursday, March 31, 2011

Writing Bloopers

When rewriting a novel, you tend to come by some things that weren't exactly written well the first time. I have also run across some pretty funny things that were chosen by my spell check to replace what I wrote. I will post some of my bloopers and spell check funnies here, and I invite authors of (any genre) writings to confess on the comments section of this post. Please spare us if it got too outta line. Waiting to hear!

I wrote: "Over the fireplace, hanging neatly next to a portrait of the reigning Queen Victoria, on each side were the uncrowned late Queen Caroline and the nation's beloved Princess Charlotte, her rule defeated forever by her death at the birth of her stillborn son." On the third or fourth rewriting, it finally struck me that um, we had a couple of dead bodies in regal garb hanging over the fireplace in the Duchess' Drawing Room!

I had to tangle with my spell checker pretty seriously once: I wrote, "They went to haul it up the hill...." and spell check wanted me to change it to "They went to haul it UPS." Lol!!!

I'm sure there were more bloopers to share; I will post them if I can drag them from their hiding places to confess. :)

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