Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cover Reveals for New Historical Fiction

I am going to be doing cover reveals here. I am a lover of good art, and many of the covers are really well done. I hope you enjoy looking them over as I do!


The Kiss of the Concubine
Judith Arnopp

Henry VIII lies on his deathbed. A little boy snivels into his sleeve; he is about to become King. Candles flicker shadows in the room. Someone has come to tell her husband it is time to pay his dues.

A Novel of Anne Boleyn

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Staymaker - The Downfall of Thomas Kingsmill and the Hawkhurst Gang
Andy Millen

Gritty and violent from the start, this novel follows the Hawkhurst and Chichester Smuggling gangs and the attempts to bring them to justice in the final years of the 1740’s.

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The Girl Who Came Home - A Novel of the Titanic
Hazel Gaynor

A retelling of the Titanic disaster through the experiences of a young Irish woman, travelling in steerage. Blending fact and fiction, the novel explores the tragedy’s impact on survivors and their families.

April 1, 2014 by William Morrow Books (HarperCollins)
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What do you like about these covers?



Sophie Schiller said...

The cover for "The Girl Who Came Home" is fantastic! A huge improvement from when it was originally self-published. Looking forward to reading!

Debra Brown said...

I agree, Sophie! The pastels work well with the darker lower section (and also with my blog colors, lol).

Francine Howarth: UK said...

The lower two have merit in their own right as far as artistic impression goes: each reflecting content extremely well. I love Judith's cover, too, but overall it errs toward similar erotic/romance cover images representing a later period in history i.e. Georgian era. People won't be disappointed by Judith's writing, that's a fact. As a marketing ploy it may work in trawling fans of the Georgian era to the Tudor dynasty: or not if it lacks erotic content.

Debra Brown said...

Thanks for your comment!