Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Game of 7s

I was tagged by Paula Lofting (see her Game of 7s here) to post 7 or so lines from page 77 starting at line 7. Since I start a new chapter just a few lines into that, I will just start in the new chapter.

"Do we have lamb tonight, Smills?" Mama said.
"We do, my lady. Shall I uncover that first?" he replied, frowning at Angel.
Angel turned her face from the everlasting glower of the man.
"Yes, that will be fine." The silver dome clanged as Smills lifted it from the plate, and Mama served herself. She did not look up, but asked for anyone's ears, "Has one of you broken Rules?"
Angel looked distraught. Dante straightened his back, looking more of a man, hoping to strengthen her. Nothing was wrong, and it was time to stand up for himself.
But Angel hastened to speak. “We intend to follow Rules, do we not, Dante? Do not be concerned, Mama.” She gave her brother a firm look.


Paula Lofting said...

Oh and now I'm wondering what these Rules are of which they speak?

Debra Brown said...

Ah yes, the Rules, Paula. If it isn't rules of the household, it is rules of society. Sigh.