Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Historical Fiction Enticements 6/19

I am taking a break from the Wednesday feature this week due to sickness, but a book that I mentioned previously is now available for purchase:

Emeralds of the Alhambra
John D. Cressler

In Emeralds of the Alhambra, Christians, Muslims and Jews live together in peace, sharing languages, customs, and a level of tolerance and mutual respect unheard of today.

Working together, they spawn one of the world’s greatest intellectual and cultural flowerings in medieval Spain.

William Chandon is a wounded Christian knight brought to the Sultan’s court in Granada. and the strong-willed Layla al-Khatib is on a quest to become the first female Sufi Muslim mystic in a male-dominated society.

As Chandon’s influence at court grows, he becomes trapped among his forbidden love for Layla, his Christian heritage, the demands of chivalry, and political expediency.

Chandon must make a choice between love and honor, war and peace, life and death--a choice which ultimately will seal Granada’s fate as the last surviving stronghold of Muslim Spain.

Set amidst the resplendent Alhambra Palace in Granada during the Castilian Civil War (1367-1369), Muslims take up their swords to fight alongside Christians.

Emeralds of the Alhambra is the first book in the Anthems of al-Andalus trilogy.



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